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Here at SaberVR, we pride ourselves on having the most spectacular Virtual Reality Experiences anywhere in the world.

Now, we’re giving you the ability to put an arcade stall straight from SaberVR into your own home.

You will enjoy a fully-upgraded room-scale Virtual Reality setup, which includes

  • A SaberVR-Branded Oculus Rift Headset
  • Two Oculus Rift Touch Controllers
  • A choice of a black or orange Oculus Rift Facemask
  • and three Oculus Rift Sensors (rather than the standard two), which enables the user to play games in room-scale VR

at a discounted price of only $300.

You can click here to view the recommended system specifications straight from the Oculus website. The bottom table shows the components your computer should have in order to run games through the Oculus Rift.

After purchasing online, your headset will be reserved and you will be able to come into the SaberVR store at any time (during operating hours) and pick up your headset; all you will need to do is show your receipt of purchase.

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