Game Design in Unity!


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Cutting-Edge Virtual Reality Education with SaberVR

Virtual Reality delves into a realm of reality that cannot be otherwise achieved with any kind of media. It gives children and adults alike the ability to experience things that they never could in the real world.

SaberVR is a place where anything is possible, like exploring the world from the depths of its oceans to flying through the far-out reaches of space, or driving race cars at speeds higher than 200 mph and becoming your favorite superhero.

Technology is currently racing forward faster than at any other time in history, and we embrace the future within the walls of SaberVR. Programmers are capable of creating things that help people in so many ways. These classes will teach kids the basics of coding, and will inspire them to create programs of their own.

Back to the Basics

Students will start their course by learning what makes a good video game. We will teach them about the mechanics that are part of every game, and how those mechanics are utilized together to build a coherent experience. We will teach the students about the software required to code and create games, and they will learn how to utilize the various tools to their liking.

A World of Their Own Creation

Through collaboration and effort, students will build a world of their own in virtual reality, creating a place that truly belongs to them, and also builds a foundation for the future of their education and career. Your child will get a leg up in the computer science industry as well as learn to work as a team with others.

In the spirit of preventing an environment of all work and no play, each class will be made up of an hour of education followed by 30 minutes of game time in virtual reality headsets.


Custom Curriculums

If you would like to set up a private set of classes for your own group or field trip, we can create a customized experience with you. To set up one of these events, you can place a call or meet us in person at the store!

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